She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S. Blog


Be Gorgeous. Be Excellent. Be the one to Radiate God’s Magnificence. Be “That Queen” who wears her C.R.O.W.N.S. 

C-courage, R-resilience, O-opulence, W-wisdom, N-noteworthy, S-strategy. 

Who we are: She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S. is a Faith-based blog and community of high-achieving women who desire to honor God holistically, adding value to their family, health, relationships, finances, workplace, business, and organization.

Who we serve: She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S. is the premier community for women who love God, love themselves, love people, and want to use their gifts to make a difference in our communities locally and globally.

What we do: She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S. is a blog and online community that provides tips, prayers, recipes, online classes, resources, and more sources of inspiration for women who want to be “That Queen” who wears her C.R.O.W.N.S.

How we Wear C.R.O.W.N.S. :

We Love. We Pray. We Dream.

We Give. We Serve. We Believe.

We Plan. We Build. We Live.

We Laugh. We Cry. We Forgive.

We Sing. We Dance. We Speak.

We Write. We Play. We Sometimes Leap.

We Plant. We Water. We Grow.

We share our stores. We paint our toes.

We are not perfect. We don’t try to be.

We use our gifts. Be Faith, we do achieve.

We learn from mistakes. We also invest.

We don’t just give, but we learn to receive the best.

We receive God’s Love. We receive God’s Grace. We receive God’s favor.

May we glorify Him now and Forever.  

Hey gorgeous queen, if who we are, what we believe, and do resonates with you, welcome!!! That is wonderful 🤗🤗🤗 and you are in for a treat 🙂

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Love, joy, and blessings to you (Virtual Hugs)

Nikita-Founder/CEO She Wears C.R.O.W.N.S.

Executive President/CEO The Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC


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