Our Mission

Our Mission is to Empower 1,000,000 Professionals to Discover Purpose, and Succeed in the Life, Career, and Business of their Dreams.

Hi there, I’m Nikita Lawrence, CEO of Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC and Founder of The Wealth Leadership Academy®. We offer coaching and consulting services helping leadership professionals discover their purpose and become better leaders, authors, coaches, and consultants who accomplish their career and business goals faster to happily live out their lifelong dreams longer. You can apply for a complimentary introductory coaching session below, or click here to book your coaching session directly on our calendar.

We help clients become a new version of themselves so that they can experience the highest level of success and wealth they desire and deserve using our W.E.A.L.T.H. Method™️. As a result they feel more alive, they think more abundantly, speak more confidently, explore their creativity, discover new career growth opportunities, and go after their dreams in a way they had never previously given themselves permission to do.

Work With Us

I invite you to learn more about our process below and apply for any of our services or programs below. Once you complete the application form, someone from our team will contact you in 1-2 business days to follow up on your request. For additional questions, please email us at info@nikitalawrence.com .

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Our Process

Before taking on any new private clients we begin with a free discovery zoom call to learn more about our client’s goals and current challenges. We will offer coaching and guidance to help them with their best next step during that call. If qualified, and we have mutually decided to continue forward with coaching, all available options will be presented a during the call.

Once a new client begins with us, we start with an assessment to get a detailed synopsis of how we can maximize their results in their program and build out their unique success roadmap. They also receive access to a library of courses, trainings, and workshops designed to accelerate their progress.

Your Transformation

Next, we work with our client to develop new breakthrough strategies that equip them to coach themselves out of doubt, burnout, isolation, identity crisis, imposter syndrome and any other self-sabotaging behavior holding them back.

They learn how to reshape their Identity, and see themselves more powerfully than ever before. They decide who they are becoming and take the powerful steps to get onto that path, in alignment with who God has called them to be in this next season of their lives. They no longer are paralyzed by the fear of success or failure, or hindered by the trap of perfectionism.

Then, we help them upgrade their resume and interviewing skills. We also coach them to elevate their leadership, decision-making, and communication skills so that they position themselves to do life and work with more joy, less stress and no more regrets.

Your Wins

As a result, they create new opportunities to experience growth in their careers, businesses, and industries, using their God-given gifts to change the world without compromising their Faith or their Family.

They no longer feel trapped by the mistakes of their past. They now feel empowered to receive every blessing available to them, and no longer hold themselves back from getting after it. They upgrade their careers and keep moving forward in business to experience the level of success, wealth, and fulfillment they desire and deserve.

This is the work we do through private individual coaching and inside our Wealth Leadership Academy®, exclusively designed as a safe space for women trailblazers to learn, heal, elevate and soar. We help our clients feel seen while learning how to become the next version of themselves, upgrading their Identity to achieve their next career or business goal using our Proprietary W.E.A.L.T.H. Method™️.

Isn’t it your time to start becoming the version of yourself you know you’re supposed to be? Isn’t it time out for feeling trapped in frustration, isolation, exhaustion, and worry about the future state of your life, relationships , and career? Let’s work together to make your dreams come true so that you too can experience the very best of life, joy and happiness in your life, business and career.

We are honored to have helped hundreds of leaders from take action to produce their best work and embark on their lifelong dreams. They learn how to recover well and start using their gifts to fulfill their God-given purpose in life and work. I spent 10 years coaching hundreds of executives and training thousands of managers in a few of the biggest companies in the world, as a corporate HR executive. It became very apparent to me that companies were not doing enough to support great leaders with the tools needed to address this before it was too late.

Since 2017, we have focused our company’s efforts on helping more women leaders, high-performers, and companies get the resources, training and coaching support they need to succeed! Our framework work focuses on three pillars to support clients with their journey: Awareness, Acceptance, and Assistance.

Our Client Testimonials

Could you become our next client success story ?
Our clients learn how to elevate their awareness of abundance, navigate their hidden fears, multiply their gifts and quickly restore peace to keep growing into their Destiny. We coach them to identify their unique recipe for high Personal and Professional Fulfillment by developing their own God-given Wealth Blueprint to Impact their World, Fulfill Destiny and Achieve Ultimate Success. 

Cathy Nickelson
CEO, CG-Vets 
My experience with Nikita Lawrence is unquestionably the most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on in my entire life. The timeliness, the quality of information, the uncharted wisdom, and the value of the service is priceless. There were obstacles and hurdles that I had been living with for over 40-years. When I wholeheartedly committed to investing in myself and doing the work of releasing the old and embracing what is true, relevant and purposeful, my life has forever changed.
Nikita would often tell me, how proud she was of me doing the work and learning love my new-normal, moving forward with destiny and purpose in mind. She is always encouraging and sharp as iron.  Because of her precise, straight-forward, and intuitive coaching style, my life has taken a major turn in the right direction.  I’m now a business woman, who’s healthy, balanced, successful and well on my way to seeing my dreams come to pass.  
I thank God for the divine intervention He brought into my life through The Wealth Success Chamber and Nikita Lawrence. This is a legacy unlocking business and I’m forever grateful for the strategies, coaching, mentoring and timing of this process.

Jabari & Ashley DeShields
Insurance Agency Owners
The Legendary Group

In a matter of only 2 hours, to have the capacity to completely transform our very paradigm of thinking, you are certainly a force to be reckoned with! Working with Nikita has been a total mind blowing and life shaping experience. The wisdom she shares is something that will continue to positively affect our life and business for many years to come. 

Her genuine approach and caring adherence to  each of her client’s specific needs is what sets her apart from other coaches. Giving us a step-by-step strategy was like stepping into the office of a prophetic physician, and receiving a practical prescription to bring our lives to a place of wholeness. The restructuring we have begun to implement following our sessions has brought immediate results, and we are forever grateful!

Jeanice C. 
“My experience with Ms. Lawrence was amazing. She is very comfortable to talk too and has a very kind and engaging manner. She told me upfront what her role would be in our relationship while allowing me to give feedback on my business\personal needs and what I want to gain from our sessions.
Her company offered additional services that were far beyond what we agreed upon. She was easily accessible to me even outside our coaching sessions and her responses to questions were
expedient. During our time together these are a few areas covered; I am now clear on the direction of my company and what we will provide, gained marketing strategies, I also gained personal ownership by understanding my personal motivation for doing what I do. These areas are very important at the start of operating a business of any kind.
I highly recommend Ms. Lawrence to anyone who really wants to take a deep dive into their offerings to clients and gain clarity of why they do what they do in the service of others.”

Cynthia M.
“I want to express what an absolute life changing experience this is working with Nikita of The Wealth Success Chamber thus far. When we first started out I looked at it as someone that will help me to start my business to actually get wealth. While the opportunity to have a coach was very exciting to me, I had know idea how life changing this journey would be. Through this process thus far I have begun to understand that this is not just about a business venture, but this is about finding out who God created you to be. Since I began to work with Nikita and the Wealth Success Chamber manual my eyes have opened up to the true potential and gifts that are already in me. All of my life I’ve had a struggle with fear and follow-through, well now I am looking forward to each task because it is releasing me from fears of the past. I am amazed after each coaching session and chapter I read in the book. My energy to follow through increases more and more. Thank You Lord and thank you Nikita for allowing God to use you to bring the phenomenal work to life.”

Bryan S.
President Founder HeartVibes, LLC
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“Nikita is an inspirational powerhouse!  Her attentive listening skills and open awareness to what you are saying transformed what specifically I knew from my perspective too A global opportunity!  Thank you, beautiful soul, for who you are and the inspiration and guidance that you have contributed to my life!”

Brenda P.
Marketing Director
Aurora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
“Nikita Lawrence has an exuberant personality that lights up a room. In a room full strangers, after 45 min… we had a room full of long-lasting friendships and connections. Powerful. She was a special guest in our Mujeres in Business workshop and it had to be one of the best turnouts we’ve had. Everyone was so engaged, her workshops truly shake things up inside you and make you think what the root of your triggers are. Highly recommend! “

Natalie F.
“Nikita Lawrence’s gift is a blessing. The wisdom that she gave and the thought-provoking questions have challenged me to position myself for a successful future. Every visionary and entrepreneur needs an effective game plan and Nikita is the coach that will make sure you are headed in the right direction.” 

Michelle M.
“What can I say about a young lady who simply ROCKS!!!! Thank you for continuously sharing your God-given gifts with DFS… We love u!!!!”

Dr. Eddie Taylor, Ph.D.,
Clinical Psychologist
“Having Nikita Lawrence at my 6th Annual Job/Career Fair for Black America on Juneteenth 2018 was a true treat.  She offered her time, talent, and knowledge to enrich the lives of all candidates looking to improve their economic opportunity.  Those who attended her workshop expressed how much more prepared they felt.  The candidates also indicated how confident they were regarding their own ability.  Nikita Lawrence’s impact during this year’s event made a substantial difference in how these career-minded members of the African American community were able to present themselves as qualified candidates.  Thank you. “


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