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If you are a Purpose-Driven Woman or Leader looking for support in strategy and implementation to transform your thinking, your life, and your career in business, you’re at the right place, and this is Your time. 

I’m Nikita Lawrence, Certified Life Coach for Leaders in Business, Executive Mentor and Owner of Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC. I’ve worked with thousands of leaders in business, helping them get clarity, build confidence, find courage, and achieve greater results personally and professionally. I’ve learned that success leaves clues, and if you can follow the steps, you can create the results. I consider it a blessing and privilege to scale and now support even more purpose-driven women and leaders with creating greater success in both their life and their work while transforming their quality of life, finding their inner wealth.  

I am a wife, working mommy, and passionate woman of Faith, blending my corporate background in Business, Management and Human Resources, with my life’s purpose to help leaders
Discover Purpose, Use their Gifts, and Make an extraordinary Impact with their Life, Career and Business during their lifetime. Click here for more on Nikita Lawrence

As an Internationally Certified Coach, Executive Mentor, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer, I look forward to supporting you in Elevating to achieve your next level personal and professional success goals. We currently are accepting new clients into our Annual Course and Coaching Program for 2020/2021 and are Accepting 2020-2023 Booking Requests for Keynote Speakers and Trainers. 

How We Can Work Together:
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We offer services, designed to inspire organizations and help clients discover their purpose, demonstrate their highest potential, and fulfill their vision for happiness, wholeness, and purpose in their life, career, and business  . Our top priority is to exceed the expectations of our clients and ensure 100% satisfaction. Read Client Reviews here


  • Join Our Next Cohort for our Professional Development Online Course 
  • Apply to become a One on One Coaching Client 
  • and Other Customizable solutions for you or your team.


How We Can Help You Grow 

We help clients grow by teaching them how to ask the right questions, diagnose the root cause, and stretch their imagination for the future with innovative ideas and ingenuity. We use a what, why, when approach that enables clients to say YES to their desired result; accessing more clarity and creativity to create the changes in their future. 

  • Creating & Implementing a strategy to leverage your skill set and special gift to add more meaning and harmony to your life and work
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy to move your life and your business forward, creating the desired quality of life and success in both areas 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to address and eliminate burnout, overwhelm, and frustration 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to elevate beliefs and thoughts 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to address and eliminate complacent 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to address and eliminate low self esteem/self/image 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to address scarcity mindset and limiting beliefs 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to address cycles of disappointment 
  • Creating and Implementing a strategy to define the specific service that is congruent with your background and highest purpose 
  • Facilitating meaningful round table discussions
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy to develop the workforce of the future 
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy for synergy with management and staff
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy to improve Employee Experience 
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy to develop managers into leaders 
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy for developing diverse, high performance teams
  • Creating & Implementing a strategy for retaining top talent
  • Builting trust and credibility
  • Growing Leadership acumen 
  • Growing Executive Presence 
  • Growing Emotional Intelligence 
  • And more! 

Who We Serve 

  • Women in Business 
  • Women in Leadership
  • High-achieving Professionals
  • Mid-Senior Level Executives 
  • Small Business Owners 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High Potential Leaders*
  • Boutique/Startup Companies and Organizations with 5-50 Employees 
  • Growing Companies and Organizations with 50,000+ employees

*High potential leaders are leaders that want to grow and ascend to the highest levels of  leadership in  industry or  organization. 


Investment Rates for Service

  • We offer a flat rate tuition for  leaders who enroll as a student in our online course and for clients who sign up for One on One Coaching, with flexible payment options  to ensure the solution fits their need and budget. 

Complete the form below to contact us with any questions you have about how we may support your company’s growth strategy or leadership team. Someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours regarding next steps. Thank you!