The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber: Volume One is a catalyst to help readers unlock their gateway to wealth, success, and destiny by designing a wealthy lifestyle today. This 10 day transformation guide aids readers in discovering their identity, purpose and vision, while gaining access to greater clarity than ever before along with the confidence to take action on every goal. Readers have described this journal guide as an Identity boot camp and an excellent coaching tool.  This Amazon Best Seller is a must read!

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With The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber: Volume 1, Nikita Lawrence shatters common myths about the search for success by presenting a solid foundation that will help you improve every part of your life. Learn how to access your Wealth Success Chamber, which contains everything you need to achieve wealth, success, purpose, vision, and personal transformation and completely change your way of thinking about success and personal transformation in just ten days.

This dynamic and life changing book has been described as an “identity boot-camp” and is set up as a 10 day journal. Each daily declaration positions you for greater clarity, courage, and confidence as you identify patterns of negative thoughts and actions. With self-reflection, you can realize the truth about your potential and let your soul and spirit soar.

As you journal, you begin to write out the personal success story your own life has yielded, and with courage, take the risks to experience the wealth and beauty in the   untapped potential that lies within. This hidden and untapped potential, your “Wealth Success Chamber” is awaiting your arrival to answer YES to the call of destiny. You ARE LIVING Your Success Story!

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