Queen, don’t build it if you aren’t willing to fail and rebuild as needed

Hey Gorgeous Queen🤗🤗🤗,

Anything worth building is worth being rebuilt. Pause. Think about it. If the effort you put into building something delivers the insight, wisdom, mistakes, losses, and gains that prepare you to build the next greater, bigger, stronger, and better thing, but you are unwilling to sacrifice what was for what could be you will never experience your “greater” or your best. Ouch. That hurts I know. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Remember, you will never know the height of your potential until you start building something that you aren’t even certain will be able to work. Anything bigger than you will require you to be stretched, step outside of yourself, Build new relationships, gain more confidence, have more clarity, and take more courage. All of this will be uncomfortable but will be worth it. Think about the first time you accomplished something you set out to complete. How did you feel? Were you scared? Did people try to talk you out of it? Did you think about talking yourself out of it? Now recall what the success felt like. What sacrifices did you have to make? Was it worth it?

Anytime you embark on a journey to build something new, you will have to give up some things to gain more. Trust the process. Stay prayerful and remain focused. Trust God and his investment of value inside of you. You are much more powerful than you ever imagined. Dream big and start building. You got this😉!

Love, joy, Peace, and Grace to you!

Big hugs🤗🤗🤗❤️

Hey gorgeous queen, if who we are, what we believe, and do resonates with you, welcome!!! That is wonderful 🤗🤗🤗 and you are in for a treat 🙂

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Your fellow gorgeous Queen,


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