We help SuccessfuL, PROFESSIONAL Women align their career with their calling to experieNce Greater Joy and happiness in their life and worK! 
Clarity. Happiness. Freedom. 
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“Working with our company, clients create systems for joy and happiness, discover their highest purpose and improve their quality of life and work while serving others in a meaningful way . Many even start new businesses that are centered around an activity that brings them personal joy and aligns with their calling !

Our highest priority is to ensure our clients get both clarity and support to reach their desired destination. Vision is the vehicle. Purpose fulfilled or destiny is the destination. Faith is the fueling station that offers a lifetime of special moments filled with blissful harmony on the journey to fulfilling your life’s purpose.”

Nikita Lawrence, President

Growing Leaders.

Changing Lives.

About Our Company

Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC is a small business that helps leaders experience joy and happiness, discover their purpose, and improve their quality of life and work; creating their own “wealthy” lifestyle .  We believe Wealth comes from within, and that everyone has the potential to create the level of wealth (harmony and abundance) they desire in their life, relationships, work, and financial portfolio. We provide coaching, consulting, training, and mentoring to professionals, C-level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts and Business Owners; with a special emphasis on service to women in business.

We leverage turn-key systems and work as partners with our clients, using clarity, happiness, and freedom to grow their self awareness while equipping them with everything they need to experience personal joy and happiness on a daily basis, and through an immersive destination experience.  

We emerged as a fast-growing leader in personal and professional development in 2017. Today our clients access solutions and systems for joy, creativity, courage, innovation, and gratitude as guiding principles for culture and growth.

Our vision is to inspire millions of leaders to experience personal joy while making a difference globally to help those in need get access to resources that will help them add value to their local community.


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We offer unique services with timely solutions that exceed our client’s expectations and deliver incredible results. Each service is tailored to best meet the needs of our client.

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