Leaders are Changing our World; minute by minute, second by second, day by day. How are you spending your time? What are you building that can change the world?”

When the best and brightest companies, women and senior leaders want to achieve a new level of clarity, creativitygrowth and expansion personally and professionally, they work with us because they know with assurance, one simple truth:  We 
TRAIN the leaders who CHANGE the world.


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As the world’s #1 professional development trainer, I equip high achieving, Women, leaders and corporations to become the best in their industry, cultivate inspiration, and create comprehensive wealth personally and professionally. I am Nikita Lawrence, The Wealth Success Leadership Strategist®️, and it’s my pleasure to virtually meet you!”

cropped-0224fc5a-0eaa-4570-9cf2-c09b84606672.jpegUsing my step by step proprietary system, our students and clients change the world in a number of ways; primarily through their Ideas, Innovation, Influence, and Inspiration. We 
teach them how to Discover Identity, Advance Professionally, Grow Exponentially, and Live Abundantly! I invite you to Click here to book your Free 1:1 Strategy Session today to receive consultation on how you can become a better leader and achieve your next personal or professional goal.  


As a Bestselling Author, Growth Trainer, Certified Life & Executive Coach, HR Leader, and Leadership Mentor, I enjoy helping successful leaders move their life, career and business forward, no matter what stage they are in, and we want to Thank you for visiting us today.

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We intend for your visit to our site to be one that is Life-Changing, filled with strategy, clarity, and action-oriented tools that position you to Elevate Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Behaviors to achieve Greater Success in your Life and your Career or Business.

In our company, we believe everyone has a Divine Purpose, a Special Gift(s), and a unique Assignment during their lifetime to add value to others in an authentic and meaningful way, thereby, changing the world.

Our mission is to help Purpose-Driven Women, Leaders, and Organizations move their life, career and business forward with simple strategies and easily applied action steps, listed below.

1.)Find Inner Wealth to Attract & Become the Best 

2.)Think, Believe, Speak Powerfully 

3.)Implement Action Steps Consistently

4.)Maximize a Career in Business while living a meaningful life.

We understand our quest in humanity for happiness, wholeness, and meaning in our lives, careers, and businesses only becomes satisfying  when we step onto the path of our Divine Purpose by strategically harnessing a VISION for change, innovation, and/or impact in the area YOU were called to serve. We also understand this is impossible to achieve with the wrong type of thinking.

Limiting beliefs lead to limiting thoughts, which result in limiting behaviors or actions. This applies in every area of life. To change the outcome, we must change the input.

How have limiting beliefs held you back in your life, career, and business? 

In our business,  we often teach Private Clients, Corporations, Franchisees,  Growing Businesses, Universities, and Leadership Teams how to remove the barriers to Thinking Powerfully to transform and elevate the staff, team, and business results.

Following our system and method, leaders gain Insight, Reaffirm ValuesVision,  Purpose, and take Ownership to Maximize the execution and results created personally in life and professionally in the workplace as a team and organization.

Our goal is to equip millions purpose-driven women and leaders to thrive both personally in life and professionally in the workplace by removing the hidden barriers that prevent the next level of success and growth.

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Let us support you in reaching a next level of success, transforming your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to powerfully step into the Tallest Vision you have for Abundance, Harmony, and Meaning in your life and work while Becoming the BEST Version of yourself. We will support you 100% in stepping into your next level, finding your Inner wealth and creating greater Impact in the world . We look forward to speaking with you soon in a Complimentary Strategy Session to help you get clarity and discuss solutions. Our Strategy Sessions are 100% Free, valued at $1,000, and designed to support Purpose-Driven Women and Leaders with a success strategy for the next phase in their life, career, and business. During your session you and someone from our team will also discuss the right program or service we offer to help you achieve your goals within your timeframe and budget. 
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“Our clients tap into their greatest source of inner wealth and creativity, designing a new quality of life while serving others in a meaningful way. As our clients become clear about their life’s vision for the future and align their career or “life’s work” with their calling into leadership, they undeniably experience more joy, excitement and happiness. Our priority is to ensure our clients get systems, clarity, strategy,  and support to reach their desired destination. Vision is the vehicle. Purpose is the destination. As you move forward in your life and work, may you personally and professionally experience the blessing of continual progress and growth; finding everything you need to experience the very BEST of life, unveiling the very BEST version of YOU to your world! 

– Nikita Lawrence, Owner & Executive Mentor

Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC


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